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The Christian Churches Pension Plan is designed specifically for ministers and employees serving the Restoration Movement of the Christian Churches and Churches of Christ, missionaries, affiliated colleges, seminaries, and related institutions.

History . . .
The Christian Churches Pension Plan began in 1969 as a response to the need for adequate retirement funding for ministers, missionaries, and other employees of churches and church-related institutions. In the words of long time Governor of the Plan and CEO/ Administrator of the Plan for twelve years, Dr. Maurice Graham, “We needed to provide ministers an opportunity to retire with dignity. Though some wished to preach until their last breath, many could not. They may not even own a house. Those who had served the churches so long should be able to retire with dignity.”
From an idea and a few faithful men who dared to dream, the Christian Churches Pension Plan has grown to serving over 1,600 participants and hundreds of churches and institutions.

The Plan’s Objective . . .
Is to help secure the retirement of ministers, missionaries, and other employees of organizations which are included in the undenominational Fellowship of Christian Churches and Churches of Christ by providing them with income which is in addition to Social Security benefits. Included are employees of colleges, seminaries, and other para-church organizations affiliated with the Fellowship (“Affiliated Institutions”).
It offers every minister and employee within the fellowship the opportunity for retirement benefits at a low annual cost.